Sunday’s Trip To George V Memorial Walk – Hayle on 24th May 15 (TR27 5AA)

Not very nice weather today – after the lovely sun we had yesterday. It has been misty and colder! Never mind. We wanted to get some fresh air anyway so asked Ashleigh where she wanted to go. Ice cream was her first thought ! Typical – anyhow she decided she wanted to take her bike over to the George V Memorial Walk in Hayle. Good idea Ashleigh. So here are some photos – it is looking lovely at the moment with the flowers in bloom. It is great on a Sunday as it is pedestrianised – well it should be – a couple of cars sneaked through – but all in all a really nice walk. And Ashleigh had her ice cream too !!!  Does anyone know what the white flower with the yellow centre and red flicks is called? It is so pretty…



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