Photo of Scillonian – Penzance and St Mary’s Harbour’s.

On a lovely sunny day you can’t beat spending time around Penzance Harbour and breathing in the sea air. Here is a lovely photo taken taken by my mum at the weekend of the Scillonian leaving the harbour on her way to the Isles Of Scilly …. As a child I used to love to watch her return on a summers evening. You can look towards Mousehole from Penzance prom and see her coming around the coastline. We’d go to the harbour to watch her mooring and the cargo being unloaded. It was fun to see what was going to come out of the ships hold first! I can remember cars and all sorts – I am pretty sure a cow appeared once being lifted out!! Fond memories…must do this again soon!

RMV Scillonian III is the passenger ship based at Penzance in Cornwall run by the Isles of Scilly Steamship Company. She operates the principal ferry service to the Islands and is one of only four ships in the world still carrying the status of Royal Mail Ship (hence the RMV – Royal Mail Vessel).



Here she is unloading cargo at St Mary’s harbour..Isles of Scilly.




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