“Cry of the Gulls” Latest Novel by Kate Ryder – set against the backdrop of the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall…

I am really excited to help promote Kate Ryder’s latest novel  “Cry of the Gulls”

Here is what she has to say……


Phew…!! Despite work (and everything else this year has thrown at me) at last it is published! smile emoticon
‘Cry of the Gulls’ is available NOW on Amazon in both paperback (£12.99/$16.50) Cry of the Gulls
and Kindle format Cry of the Gulls: Let the Cornish tide wash your sorrows away…

(£2.99/$4.50). However, if you’d like a signed copy, please PM me or order via: www.kateryder.me
If you love Poldark country, fast forward 230+ years and you will find that dramas are still being played out in this ruggedly beautiful landscape.
‘Cry of the Gulls’ is a thoughtful and heart-rending, bittersweet love story set against the backdrop of the Lizard Peninsula in one of Cornwall’s many hidden coves.
When two souls are destined to meet no distance will keep them apart… To the outside world Oliver Foxley leads a charmed life. Still on his first marriage to the attractive and independent Deanna, he is a successful, award-winning actor with the world at his feet. However, for Oliver life is one huge jigsaw puzzle with the pieces never quite falling into place. Battling depression, he visits a retreat where he meets Sylvie, a single thirty-something who, unbeknown to him, nurtures an unhealthy obsession with the actor. Living simply and quietly in a ramshackle, cliff-top bungalow on the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall is Cara Penhaligon, a talented, yet, undiscovered artist. Free-spirited by nature, she is slowly coming to terms with the death of her husband, which has left her raising their two young children on her own. When Oliver rejects a role in the next sure-fire box office hit in favour of a play by an unknown writer touring Cornwall for the summer, he puts into action a series of events that could not have been foreseen. And when destiny brings Oliver and Cara together, he is powerless against an all-consuming passion and finds himself questioning the very fabric of his life. As the Cornish summer draws to a close, tough choices have to be made and no one emerges quite as they were at the start.


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