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Planning your trip to Cornwall and wondering where you can find the best activities and adventures you can have? By continuing to our website Welcome to Cornwall, you can find out all the best things to do in Cornwall, whether you’re looking for a day trip, weekend trip or couple of weeks away on holiday with the family. We would classify our website as a committed advocate for things to do in Cornwall blog, offering you our insight information and experiences.

Cornwall Holiday Blog
Welcome to Cornwall is a blog which is managed by Lisa, who is a mother with a beautiful family; having experienced various Cornwall holidays over the years – giving us an insight into her experiences and recommending the best things to see and do. The blog embraces Cornwall for its natural beauty, but it’s a blog with a difference, and edge of quirkiness and joy all rolled into one; appealing to all various type of holiday makers – from infants to the elderly.

By continuing to our website, you can see the places that Lisa and her daughter, Ashleigh, recommend in Cornwall – this information could be vital to planning your family vacation to Cornwall. Even though the blog is personally Lisa’s, she likes to encourage her site visitors to share their experiences also, in case there is anything Lisa may have missed.

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