Find Hoburne Holiday Parks In Cornwall

Are you trying to find a UK based holiday location for the Summer of 2016? Here at Welcome to Cornwall we of course recommend Cornwall, a beautiful holiday location in the Southern Western tip of England. If you love or want to experience the British culture, see beautiful & historic views and want to have a dip in the sea, then Cornwall is the place for you. With a variety of accommodation options across Cornwall, you’re not short on options for where to stay – we highly recommend staying in the Hoburne Holiday Park.

There is no better place to spend your time in Cornwall then in the Hoburne Doublebois holiday resort. It’s a lovely little holiday park which is perfectly situated in the heart of Cornwall. It’s the perfect place for adults to relax and unwind and children to let out all their excitement. Surrounded by stunning countryside, the holiday park is in the prime location for sightseeing, trips to the beach and eating delicious and local foods. Within the holiday park there is a games room with skittles, a tennis court and a kids adventure playground. The two or three bedroom lodges have everything required for your stay, allowing you to rejuvenate overnight and get back out into the Cornwall sun the following day.

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