Cornwall Holiday Information

Planning a weekend away? Hungry for a week away in Cornwall this summer? Don’t worry about research and preparation for your Cornwall holiday, we’ve got it covered. Whether you are someone who has been to Cornwall previously or not, you will find our Cornwall holiday information extremely useful when planning your UK summer holiday. At Welcome to Cornwall, you’ll be able to tell from our name, that we offer a fantastic amount of information about Cornwall holidays, making the planning easier.

Everything there is to know about Cornwall
We highly recommend visiting Cornwall for your typical British holiday. With wonderful sights, amazing food and tonnes of fun activities, it’s the perfect holiday location for the entire family – from excitable toddlers to the reserved grandparents. With holiday cottages, hotels and holiday parks, Cornwall is packed with lovely living arrangements and a variety of fun days out. If you’re used to struggling to find a place to eat away from home, you won’t whilst in Cornwall. If you want decent accommodation overlooking the sea and distant mountains, you’ll be spoilt for choice in Cornwall.

If you’re a family who thrive on energy and excitement, we highly recommend staying with John Fowler Holidays in Cornwall. If you want a change of accommodation, they can help, by offering caravans, camping, glamping, lodges, woodland chalets and luxury lodges.

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