Book Cornwall Getaways Online

Are you searching for a website to research and book a Cornwall getaway online? By using our website Welcome to Cornwall, you can easily find out the relevant information you require about Cornwall; allowing you to choose wisely about where you want to stay and what you want to do on your Cornwall getaway. We, of course, highly recommend Cornwall as a holiday destination to anyone – whether you’re a couple or family looking for an affordable yet exciting holiday. You will be able to explore, swim, eat, drink, absorb the beautiful surroundings and leave with all the Cornwall heritage and memories.

Our website is not simply about our favourite places in Cornwall and stuffing you with information about us, we want to educate our visitors and allow them to see the wide variety of options in Cornwall – providing you with the knowledge to then move on to make an informed decision about your getaway or summer holiday. This website is based on personal experiences mostly, but from the point of view of different people. We offer information on what Trip Advisor reviews says about holidays in Cornwall; the various Holiday Cottages, Hotels and Holiday Parks in Cornwall; ‘Gran’s Story’ and ‘My Daughter’s Favourite Places’ – the entry based on my daughter allows you to see what’s available to kids.

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